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I was invited to go to a club this weekend and I would LOVE TO GO and I am but I don’t know what to wear and it’s stressing me out.

Hey look! Something on the Internet I actually have information on.
Okay, first off, what type of club are we talking about? Is it an upscale club, or maybe more bar - like with a club section? The easiest way to tell is if they serve food. Food = bar like and likely to get hot, so wear something that will keep you cool. Upscale = just drinks and will stay cooler in most cases, here your best shot is something that may cover your legs more. I hear many people at the end of the night complaining about cold legs.
Secondly, what climate will you be entering when you leave? I can’t count the number of times in ATL I’ve walked out of a cold bar into sauna weather instantly regretting wearing jeans (nobody cares what the DJ looks like). So if you are going by car, leave a pair of comfy clothes to get into.
Third? Never EVER wear heels or bulky shoes/boots. You may think it’s a good idea now. But you will be dead by half way through the night.
Last. What is the theme of this bar? Country? Nerdy? Posh? Wear something appropriate but not overwhelmingly overzealous. Don’t walk into a country western bar in daisy dukes and a plaid shirt, it’s just overkill. Jeans and a button up will do fine.
At any rate, just go in something that you look good in but is still comfy. You don’t get points for being the most overdressed person in the club. Maybe you’ll get more free drinks but that’s also not usually the best of ideas anyway.
Hope this helps!









I literally felt like I did not have a choice.

Robin Williams says reblog, you reblog. 


did i even really have a choice?

okay robin williams

i hesitated for a second and then considered the repercussions

just gonna reblog…


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